Pronovias: Wild Love in East Africa
Posted: December 06, 2017

Pronovias: Wild Love in East Africa

Introducing the new image campaign for the Pronovias 2018 Collection. Inspired by exotic scenery that evokes all the senses. This special shoot took place in the majestic plains of east Africa. With Kenya providing a spectacular background, this campaign tells a timeless Pronovias love story called Wild Love.




Just as some romances exceed all expectations, this collection transports brides to a beautiful place home to exquisite bridal confections.




We believe in love that transforms people from the inside out, that makes dreams come true.




And so begins a promise to bring this passion to our work of dressing the dreams of brides around the world.




Striving to fulfil every desire with joy, elegance and beauty, reminiscent of a love story that never ends.




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