Halloween Costume Ideas
Posted: October 26, 2016

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up this weekend so here's last minute decade inspired Halloween look and dress you can get in Designer Bridal Room!


1910's - Rich and Exotic Grandeur Look


See the dress here.

One significant fashion symbol of the 10's is the large hat with wide brim and usually feathered. We love how effortless this look can be as long as you have the iconic hat.

Match this beautiful chiffon long dress (at an attractive price tag!) with a magnificent hat you can get in a costume store and style it with a rich yet natural looking makeup and you're ready to go!

For that grandeur look, get yourself a gorgeous cape or fur wraps.

1920's - The Great Gatsby Look


See the dress here.

Everyone loves the 20's look for being glamorous, dramatic yet still sexy.

Here's how you can re-create that glitzy look for your Halloween party. We are sure you'll get all the attention you want for the night.

Pick a luxurious looking dress like this one! (It's on clearance now!) Match it with a fur coat if you need to complete the style!

Then do a dark dramatic makeup complete with dark colored lipstick like red or purple. As for hair, style them wavy and finish the look with a sparkly headband!

1940's - Old Hollywood Inspired Look


See the dress here.

The 40's fashion sees a wearable fashion making a comeback very often on the red carpet made popular by iconic celebrities such as Katherine Hepburn and her flowy look.

Such Old Hollywood romantic glamour look can be found in this sexy plunging dress to be paired with padded shoulder blazer for that strong shoulder look.

To complete the look, get yourself a seductive make over complete with makeup that emphasizes on your facial feature.